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近期您在海运订舱时是否遭遇到各种预想不到的难题呢? 稀缺的舱位和高昂的运费是否让您头疼不已?目前,几乎全球所有的行业都面临着相似的问题。大家都将问题归咎于新冠疫情的影响,但事实的真相到底是什么?造成集装箱短缺的起因是什么?面对这种情况您该如何应对呢?

Early in 2020, lockdown first started in China, then in Europe, the US, and then in almost all countries. Travel and transportation restrictions came into effect. Sales dropped drastically, and so did global trade. In June, global cargo volumes began to sharply increase; firstly between Asia-USA, followed by Asia-South America and Asia-Oceania. In response, carriers quickly reinstated capacity in some trades, supporting the large increase in demand. However, as more trade lanes started to recover, the situation became difficult to handle.

The main causes are:

  • Cause 1: Reduced number of available containers
  • Cause 2: Congested ports
  • Cause 3: Reduced number of operational vessels
  • Cause 4: A changed flow of goods

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