We supply project logistics services to customers involved in the construction and supply of industrial projects. Their requirement vary ranging from large, bulky equipment such as power generators, turbines, or even shifting an entire manufacturing plant. Anything heavy and oversized gets our special attention.

Our solutions are customised for each individual contract leveraging creativity and skills built through experience in the field.

Segments served:

  • Petrochemical and chemical production facilities
  • LNG plants and re-gasification facilities
  • Refineries and gas processing plants
  • Ship building and offshore platforms
  • Pipelines

Our key services

  • Logistics coordination of large, heavy and bulky equipment
  • Heavy lift and oversize expertise
  • Road surveys and feasibility studies
  • Handling of special containers - open-top, flat-rack and platform containers
  • Specialised chartering services
  • Supervision of loading & unloading operations